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Welcome to BabyFox - copie 2.png

Our primary mission is to create a strong, committed community that represents our primary idea, that of putting the community at the center of the project. Community is and will be the foundation of what we will build TOGETHER.

To create this community we will define a long-term strategy and we commit in full transparency to doing everything we can to achieve this.

We want to create and maintain momentum on BabyFox, so over time we will bring features, new features and many other elements that we have already thought about between us.

Our role: create, develop, build loyalty, improve and evolve the entire ecosystem that will emerge around BabyFox

Your role: Support, energize, participate, and promote the evolution of BabyFox.

The team is sure that with our efforts and support from the community, BabyFox will grow quickly and be known by many people around the world.

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